Hi! I am Quia Z of QZ Design Gallery.

First off…THANK you!! Of all the millions of sites you could have visited…you are here!♥

Let me begin by telling you why QZ Design Gallery exists: color, Color & more COLOR!! If you’ve had the chance to click around this site a little, you’ll notice things aren’t the least bit bland around here.  I admit I’m a little color crazed but how can I not be when Color is POWERFUL!

 I mean the science behind color is staggering. 

Did you know that color can affect test performance, change taste, mood, depth perception, cause dizziness & nausea, invoke feelings of passion, anger and happiness.  Not to mention it can also be the deciding factor of whether you get stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito.  (hint..don’t wear black around a beehive…seriously, google it!)  Okay there is a point to all of this.  Our lives revolve around color even when we aren’t paying attention.  A blue painting can bring calm, memories of that beach vacation or even make you feel cooler than if a room was painted orange.

I just recently discovered that my favorite color was blue and not by choice.  I only realized this after noticing that 90% of the art I create contains some shade of turquoise.  So I guess I chose my fav color subconsciously. Cool! My hope is that when you lay your eyes upon my fabulously color crazed collection of art that it will evoke something inside of you and not cause dizziness or nausea. Enjoy!

Furniture Revival by Quia Z

Did you know that furniture stencils and paint can help uncover the hidden charm of your curbside treasure?  Cutting edge stencils craft size patterns can help transform an old item into something new and functional.  Continue to see how I transformed this table from...

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