Hello Fellow Art Lovers!

So in my previous blog post, I revealed a crazy little secret.

My favorite color is blue (specifically shades of turquoise)..okay so I guess that’s not that much of a secret.  The weird part is that it was chosen subconsciously! WHAT? YES! (I often answer my own questions) Time after time unbeknownst to me I chose to slap that turquoise on top of everythaang! But why? So this little revelation definitely motivated me to do some research. So in my years of scientific discovery & research on the color blue (Years=2 hours, time is relevant at QZ Design Gallery)..I found out some crazy, fun & disturbing facts.  Did you know that ancient languages did not have a word for the color blue? Blue has been associated with depression for more than 6 centuries, studies have shown that blue makes eating less appealing (great for dieters) and food tastes saltier in a blue dish (I owe my mother an apology for her liver and onions..it was those darn blue plates!) Also, people denied exposure to full spectrum lighting, most notably blue are prone to tooth decay and high cholesterol.  Wow! Maybe the reason I’ve been subconsciously overloading on blue is because I need more of it…I mean depression, salty food & tooth decay!   So my fellow Color Lovers, I’ve concluded from this very scientific study that I may need a therapist, dentist, diet and a glass of wine. Speaking of wine…I think my next color study will be red.

STAY TUNED: I plan on doing some tutorials in between these little color rantings with video also.

Furniture Revival by Quia Z

Did you know that furniture stencils and paint can help uncover the hidden charm of your curbside treasure?  Cutting edge stencils craft size patterns can help transform an old item into something new and functional.  Continue to see how I transformed this table from...

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