Hello QZ Art Lovers and welcome to my QZ Blog!  This wildly sparkling piece of work named ‘Nolita’ is my first attempt at geode style art.  Most geodes are done with mostly resin but I figured why not try an acrylic base with a resin finish.  You can probably guess why I named her ‘Nolita’….NEW ORLEANS OF COURSE! Everything about his painting screams Bourbon Street, beads and good memories.  My wonderful client chose purple gold and black and I talked her into incorporating a streak of royal blue. Juicy details below!

A sped up process of my VIDEO-CLINK FB LINK HERE!  OR WATCH BELOW!

MATERIALS- A little daunting but so worth the plethora of supplies!!! What’s not pictured is resin which I purchased from ArtResin.com. Canvas size is 24×24.

After the pour I started to add glass right away onto the wet paint.

Close-ups of how the art looks right after pouring my colors and putting down some glass and glitter.

The dried canvas does not have a lot of depth and dimension yet.

After the canvas had fully dried (about 3 days), I added fine lines using sharpies to give it more of a geode feel.

A day later, I poured my resin.  I did several small cups of art resin with a different color glitter in each one. (Sorry for the background music…I’m constantly jamming out!). I use all kinds of tools to smooth my resin and that day just happened to be a plastic fork which I used to move around glitter and pull our dust particles.

After the resin was poured I applied my heat gun to pop any more air bubbles.  Be sure to cover your art so no dust settles into it.  The resin I use is hard to the touch in less than 24 hours! I love this stuff!

FINISHED..in all her New Orleans Style Poppin Glory!

Even the Video doesn’t capture all the sparkle of this piece!!! (Watch Below)

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