Let me just say, this piece was daunting to say the least.  There was lots of love and I admit a little bit of tears involved in her creation. I truly wanted her to be perfect.  I wanted her to exude dignity, poise and class.  I wanted her face to be natural, African, beautiful and at peace. (and faces are a challenge for me!). I wanted her crown to be stunning and but not overwhelming.  As I worked on this piece for over 2 weeks, it slowly came together with God’s help.  There were times when I just sat and looked at her, pining over her not knowing what to do next.  Below is my process from beginning to end!  The hardest part was the crown which was methodically put together piece by piece using bits of broken glass, it’s kind of a metaphor for our lives right?! Putting together the broken pieces at times and still creating something unique and beautiful!  No one builds their kingdom overnight, it takes time, blood (literally blood, I cut myself several times on her crown), sweat and tears and is put together painstakingly piece by piece!

Details on this art: 24 x 24 gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic hand painted detail incorporating gold and bronze leaf, glitter, large amounts of glass and resin.

Humble Beginnings…

Now for some beaded detail for the neckline…

The painstakingly detailed creation of the crown…I was going to do a long earring but decided against it.

After a thick resin pour…The Queen is Finished!!

Illusion of Fragility

“They mistook her broken crown of glass for frailness but she was not fragile like a flower, but sharp in more ways than one.”~Quia Z

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