My First Facebook LIVE!

“DIY fluid abstract & GIVE AWAY to a lucky winner!!”


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Okay first let me just say how absolutely terrified I was.  I mean posting a selfie has all the perks of being able to pose-snap-delete (repeat 20 times) but when you are on live video…uggg! The horror!  So I decided to make it fun by doing a Quia Z art give-away (idea courtesy of my bestie).  I think a fluid abstract painting is the perfect project to do on live video because it’s just so enthrallingly messy!

My Materials

  •  16x20 Gallery wrapped canvas
  • Paints: Craftsmart brand: aqua, radiant gold, white & black-about 6fl oz of each color (or 3 small bottles)
  • Americana brand: charteuse (3 -6oz bottles)
  • Plastic sheet to protect the floor
  • Plastic cups for paint to mix paint and also to prop your painting on/you can also use a Tupperware bin for this.
  • Plastic spoons or knives to stir paint.
  • Painters tape
I prepped my canvas beforehand by taping the back with painter’s tape.  I covered all the wood with tape.  This will keep the back of your canvas looking nice and neat after your fluid acrylic pour!
  • TO START: I poured each paint color into it’s own individual plastic up, added water little by little to create the perfect consistency, don’t add the water too fast because it’s easy to add too much.  You want the paint to be almost like a syrupy consistency.
  • Now comes the fun part!  For this painting I wanted to achieve a marble like pattern and to do this you need layers of color.  The easiest way to do this is to pour your colors directly on top of each other, repeating this step about 20 times.  So when you pour, don’t use the whole cup, only pour lightly for about 2 seconds and go to the next color, repeat until all the paint is gone.
  • Now for the enthralling & messy part!!! After you have completely poured your paint from the plastic cups then pick up your canvas and move it around ensuring that your paint covers all the edges.   This part of the process literally takes less than 2 minutes but is my favorite part!
(The canvas right after pouring..wet paint!)
  • Warning: Paint will literally be EVERYWHERE! You can tilt your canvas anyway you like to achieve the pattern you want.
  • Once you are satisfied just set your painting down and let it dry overnight.  By the morning it will be ready to display.  Thank goodness acrylic paint dries super fast!
And that’s all she wrote!  This is literally one of the easiest art projects and is so much fun to do with groups of friends, kids and even by yourself!  I highly recommend having your hands covered in paint, it’s totally worth all the clean up! I named her Juniper because she is green and earthy!  The lucky winner was Sophia of Virginia who was super excited to adorn her home with a Quia Z original and she had watched it being created! Awesome!

Happy Pouring!