Hello my fellow Art Lovas! So I’m absolutely crazy about my latest creation: Emerald City and with the whole geode art craze going on, I wanted to create something similar but unique.  I created this piece for ARTOPIA CHARITY EVENT which is an amazing fundraising event benefiting Big Bend Cares of Tallahassee!  I’m hoping it will raise lots of $$$. This piece has sooo much glitter, sparkle, silver leaf detail and resin going on it’s ridiculous. I truly feel that pictures don’t do it justice but I took a million anyways. Keep scrolling for juicy details on what I used and my creative process:-)                        This piece is a fluid acrylic style painting on a 24x30 canvas, gallery wrapped. I always use gallery wrapped for that thicker edge and because there is no need to frame!            I did a dirty pour first onto my canvas using the Craft Smart colors pictured in the cups first.  I then used a basic Grey by Behr for the foreground of my painting.  It looks white but it’s actually a light grey. The picture on the right is how it looks once the colors are poured from one cup using a ‘dirty pour’ or ‘flip cup’ technique. After I poured the colors onto my canvas I used a blow dryer to achieve the effect below. I then used the fluid acrylic colors (pictured on the bottom of paint photos with little black nozzles) last on top of my pour, I used the blow dryer for effect and then added my crushed glass on top of the wet paint.  After I placed my crushed glass, I sprinkled glitter on top. Here is how the wet painting looks after the fluid pour, crushed glass and glitter.   AFTER THE ART IS DRY AND BEFORE THE RESIN FINISH I ADDED TOUCHES OF SILVER LEAF TO THE EDGES. NOW FOR THE ART RESIN APPLICATION!!! I added more glitter to my mixed resin before pouring. I poured the resin over the entire canvas including the glass. I THEN ADD HEAT WITH MY TRUSTY HEAT GUN TO POP ANY BUBBLES AND SMOOTH OUT THE SURFACE. YOU CAN ALSO USE A BLOW TORCH BUT I PREFER TO NOT DEAL WITH THE HASSLE OF BUYING PROPANE REFILLS AND/OR SETTING MY HOUSE ON FIRE (J/K BUT NOT REALLY). I PURCHASED BY HEAT GUN FROM JOANN FABRICS FOR ABOUT $30. https://www.joann.com/american-crafts-zap-embossing-heat-gun/10066181.html#q=HEAT%2BGUN&start=1 (Video sped up) AFTER THE RESIN IS POURED IT’S SO SHINY AND GLOSSY! I ALWAYS COVER MY ART AFTER I RESIN SO NO DUST SETTLES INTO IT! AFTER 24 HOURS THE RESIN IS DRY AND HARD TO THE TOUCH. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE RESIN PROCESS CLICK HERE: https://www.artresin.com/blogs/videos NOW SHE IS ALL FINISHED & SHINY & BEAUTIFUL & SPARKLING IN THE SUNLIGHT! I’M IN LOVE AND GREEN WITH ENVY!  



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