My biggest challenge yet!

I want to give a special Thank You to my client for allowing me artistic freedom while creating this gigantic piece-‘Dutchess in Bleu’ and also helping me to push my limits.  My client had just purchased a new home and needed something special for a large blank wall in his living room.  He basically knew that he wanted blue, white and metallic with touches of his wall color thrown in.  I color matched and purchased the exact Behr paint used on his walls to tie everything in.  It looks absolutely amazing in his home and most importantly he is happy!!

‘Dutchess in Bleu’-Size 60″ W x 48″ H




New Art Series: Soul Terrain!

So here we are in 2018! Happy New Year Everyone, we made it! It's a new year and of course I've been looking for new art inspiration.  In my infinite search to create something new, funky, unique, crazy, colorful and totally me; I literally have piles of post it notes...

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QZ Color Study Series-‘Blue’

Hello Fellow Art Lovers! So in my previous blog post, I revealed a crazy little secret. My favorite color is blue (specifically shades of turquoise)..okay so I guess that’s not that much of a secret.  The weird part is that it was chosen subconsciously! WHAT? YES! (I...

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Welcome to QZ Design Gallery [My First Post]

Hi! I am Quia Z of QZ Design Gallery. First off…THANK you!! Of all the millions of sites you could have are here!♥ Let me begin by telling you why QZ Design Gallery exists: color, Color & more COLOR!! If you’ve had the chance to click around this site a...

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